my first wisr conference

This was truly an amazing weekend! I never felt so deeply connected with a group of people in such short time. I just realized that I can remember everyones name and face. I also enjoyed the balance of heartfelt connections and intellectual stimulus… it was the best of both worlds.

I loved hearing about all the projects and peoples contributions to making our planet a little more humane. WISR is definitely a school in action and a great example of alternative education. My hope is that one day we won’t be regarded as alternative but primary. Where education is realized through experience and inquire rather than task and requirement. I walked away from this weekend feeling proud of being a WISR student… William

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2 Responses to my first wisr conference

  1. Torry Dickinson says:

    At the conference, I liked the way you were truthful and honest about the challenges of bringing about change in a complex world where our choices are complex, constrained, and sometimes seemingly contradictory. It is very difficult to find our ways forward in a world that we are working to change.
    I liked it when you asked about why I wrote my blog on nonviolence, and where it was coming from. When we talked about this at the conference, we realized we were seeing it in different ways. This was illuminating. When I thought I was being clear, you saw multiple meanings, possibilities, and questions.
    I liked the integrity you bring with your work.

  2. William,

    I have just now joined WISRville and have read your blog posts. I am responding on this one because this conference is where we met. I find your thinking and writing here to be very inspiring, heartwarming and encouraging of hope. I look forward to more exchanges – keep writing – I will respond as well as your have inspired me to begin to write myself – I look forward to your feed back on mine if you so desire. Thank you for sharing your intelligence, sensitivity and commitment.


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