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I had an incredibly heart wrenching week that nearly pushed me over the edge. In some ways I went over the edge by diving deep into some past emotional bruising. I’m fortunate enough to be part of  a learning community that supported me in getting re-grounded.

Two examples from this weekend:

11/12/2011 Saturday MFT Seminar with Carole Morton: 
I was able to share some of the struggles I was going through this week, with in the context of our discussion topic.  There I found solidarity, connection and support with the MFT students. I love the idea of mental health being learned and actualized in an experiential format.

11/13/2011 Sunday NVC Academy Course with Miki Kashtan:  
I am taking a six week course in teaching Nonviolent Communication(NVC) with Miki Kashtan, a veteran Certified Trainer for the Center for Nonviolent Communication. In todays course I was invited to work through struggles I was having that would prevent me from being present to my students. This gave me an additional opportunity to look deeper at what was bothering me all week and again walk away with a deeper sense of learning and healing.

Both of these courses are part of my academic portfolio at WISR.

This is what makes WISR truly unique. I have the freedom to create an ideal learning environment, where learning is nourished and realized… and i go back to work on Monday ready to nourish and contribute to the world.

This is why i love WISR.

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