a peaceful sunday

I spent the better part of my morning at church, digging out weeds, composting and cleaning up. I asked my self, how does manual labor interweave with spirituality, where do the two stand side by side, or cross paths?

For some reason Diego Rivera’s murals came to mind, as I began to see myself as a proletarian working hard in the fields. There is something deeply profound about how suffering and spirituality interweave, one brings the other closer. Suffering seems to serves as tool to ground us–into the dirt. Then we remember that some how this dirt is a part of us, and we of it.

I ask myself, are we designed with a fail safe switch to ground us back to the dirt, to remind us of both of mortality and interdependence. The symbolism of dirt, ground, roots, birth, growing and falling. It reminds us that we will return to the soil again, to moisturize and fertilize life. We live to cycle and recycle life–we compost back into each other–wasting nothings, using all.

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